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At iCool Heating & Air, we offer the residents of Alabama the highest quality of air conditioning installation services within your reach. Proud and loyal to our areas we want to give you the best there is to heating and air conditioning installations. Our technicians & sales team are highly knowledgable on major brands of HVAC systems for your home. All homes can benefit from having the right HVAC system installed so that’s why we encourage you to hire an HVAC contractor to assist in choosing & installing the correct HVAC system for your home. Call iCool Heating & Air to speak to one of our representatives & get your HVAC journey started.

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We are a licensed and insured HVAC company. We pride ourselves on our long-running five-star Google rating coupled with our amazing returning customer engagement. While our company is relatively new (5 years old) our technicians have decades of experience in the HVAC industry working across different states with many different HVAC systems. We understand that selecting the proper residential and commercial air conditioning system combined with proper air conditioning installation will ensure optimum performance and efficiency. Working with us will save you money on your utility bill because we know how to get your HVAC system working right.

The Benefits of Air conditioning installation & Replacement

Proper air conditioning replacement in Alabama reduces operating and repair costs:

An air conditioning unit on average will last 10-15 Years. It’s been proven that towards the end of the life cycle of an air conditioning unit around the last 5 years of life your unit runs very inefficiently. Even if the unit is well maintained and used properly, the efficiency and reliability tend to decrease through regular wear and tear on the system.

So you will reach a point with your air conditioning unit where the regular costs of repair and maintenance far outweigh the cost of installing a new unit. A brand new unit will run optimally and will be less prone to breaking down or having major problems and on top of that new units usually have warranties, which will keep your repair costs extremely low and in some cases with zero repairs for multiple years.

Air Conditioning Replacement Improves Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is a huge advantage when replacing your air conditioning unit. New models of air conditioning units like any other technology, use the latest advancements to create a more efficient product. This means spending less money to cool and heat your house which can add up to significant savings. On top of the benefit of saving money on cooling and heating your home, you will also be helping the environment by lowering your environmental footprint.

Air Conditioning Replacement Results In Better Heating & Cooling For Your Home

Air conditioning units are designed to create a climate-controlled environment in your home. If you’re having problems with your existing unit’s ability to heat or cool your home promptly it probably means it’s time to replace your unit. We are professionals who want to assist you in making the best decision for your home.

Why Install A New Air Conditioning Unit

Air conditioning installation is one of those things that may be over looked, but there are some key factors in an air conditioning unit that you should consider when selecting a contractor and/or HVAC company. These factors include: experience, licensing, warranty coverage, reliability and more!

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We pride ourselves on quality and prompt services always making sure you are satisfied.

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As an industry leader, rest assured that we are fully insured and you are always covered.

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Excellent professional service. It's how I try to run my business, so I really appreciate being at the receiving end. From now on iCool is my "go to" A/C company
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Good service, good price, good warranty, they were ON TIME and it didn't take all day for a complete install. Very professional and Blake was the best! Highly recommend.
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Technician was great. Efficient and communicated well. I’ll be changing my filters monthly from here on. Thanks iCool And Blake For The Outstanding Service!
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These guys did an amazing job with repairing my ac! They responded quick, and had our ac fixed the same day we called! For anyone looking for ac services, I highly recommend icoolpros!

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