Introducing New High-Tech Device For Your Air Conditioning

Reduce mold, bacteria and viruses by 99.9% within minutes.

With novel viruses, seasonal flu and bacteria. Air quality has become a major concern globally. Now with REME HALO, you can breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that the air circulating throughout your home is safe.

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defeating viruses in your home has never been easier

Globally, we have dealt with the impact of mold, bacteria and viruses for quite some time. In the beginning, researchers struggled to find solutions to deal with these deadly pathogens. With time, researchers can now confirm that REME HALO does in fact pass proper killing tests with flying colors to better ensure the quality of your air.


According to researchers, REME HALO is a game-changer that pushes air-quality safety for every air-conditioning unit in the homes of innocent people.

Air Purification

REMO HALO is built to actively purify your air by releasing hydrogen peroxide molecules in the air ducts and throughout your home.

Flexible Placement

Whether you’re a church, daycare center, business, or home, REMO HALO can be installed in almost any place necessary.


What is REME HALO?

Like A Flu-Shot For Your Home

The REME HALO is a cutting edge device that attaches to your existing duct work and purifies air quality throughout your home. The device can kill 99% of mold, bacteria and viruses on contact.

Enough is enough, fight Deadly Pathogens with REME HALO

Take your air quality into your own hands, fill out our consultation form and one of our licensed experts will reach out to you to schedule a time for installation.

Save 10%

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