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How Often Does My Heating and Air Unit Need to be Maintained?

Every year, as the seasons change, homeowners should think about getting their HVAC unit serviced.  According to most HVAC system manufacturers’ recommendations, homeowners should have their entire unit served at least once a year. However, most manufacturers suggest that each section be serviced at different times. Therefore, the AC should be serviced in the Spring, and the heating potion should be serviced at the beginning of Fall.

Below we will briefly discuss why you should make sure you get your HVAC unit serviced regularly.

First, since every HVAC system is unique, it is essential to have a qualified technician service and inspect your unit. Your technician will be looking at the following components of your HVAC unit.

  • The HVAC system Equipment’s Overall Condition
  • The Safety Controls
  • The Condenser Test
  • The Temperature Differentiation
  • Test and Charge Refrigerant
  • The HVAC system Start-Up
  • The Drains or Drip Pan
  • Inspect and Clean Evaporator Coils

As for the heating portion of your HVAC unit, your technician will look at the following:

  • The Heating Mode
  • The Heat Pump
  • The Defrost Cycle
  • The Operation of Backup Heating Source
  • The Ignition, Burner Assemblies and Heat Exchanger,
  • Testing Clearances
  • Testing Vents
  • Test Combustion Air
  • Test Gas Pressure and Piping


If you’re lucky, your HVAC unit may last several years without being serviced or checked. However, it’s critical to get the unit serviced and inspected yearly to increase the unit’s life and ensure that it’s working at its full capability. To help you remember your yearly appointments, immediately after your first service appointment, you should add next years’ service date to your smartphone, household calendar, or a clipboard next to or near your HVAC unit.


In addition to tracking your yearly appointments, it is likewise recommended that you keep track of any maintenance you perform on the unit.   Regular maintenance that you may perform yourself include, but are not limited to, the following:

Changing the Air Filters regularly, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations

Clearing and Cleaning Return Vents

Inspecting the Unit for Debris Regularly

Checking the Thermostat Batteries


The primary reason homeowners don’t have their HVAC units regularly maintained (i.e., once a year) is because they are concerned about the cost. Ironically, many homeowners mistakenly feel that regular maintenance to their HVAC unit is an unnecessary expense. However, these are the homeowners that need to have their HVAC units repaired more than average. Or, even worse, they have to buy a new HVAC unit altogether.  Overall, if you regularly get your HVAC unit checked annually, you will probably end up saving some money, time, and stress.

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