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#1 HEATING AND AIR Conditioning repair In Alabama

Providing Air Conditioning / Heating Installation, Air Conditioning / Heating Replacement, Air Conditioning / Heating Maintenance, And Air Conditioning / Heating Repair Throughout Central Alabama, Including: Montgomery, Prattville, Millbrook, Wetumpka, And Surrounding Areas! 

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We Pride Ourselves On Quality And Prompt Services Always Making Sure You Are Satisfied.

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Licensed And Insured

As An Industry Leader, Rest Assured That We Are Fully Insured And You Are Always Covered.

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Around The Clock

We Offer Day Or Night Services To Our Preferred Customers. We Have Your Back.

About Us

iCool is a team of Heating and Air professionals with over a decade of expertise. iCool proudly services Prattville, Montgomery, Millbrook, Wetumpka and the surrounding areas for all heating and air conditioning needs. 

We here at iCool know how frustrating it is to have your A/C unit unexpectedly stop running. Our 24/7 service means we will have a technician out to you quickly to help you resolve the issue. 

Here at iCool we believe in treating our customers like family. This is evident in how we approach every aspect of our business. You get the confidence of working with a large company with many resources, while getting the customer service of a small business. 

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Heating & Air Conditioning Repair In Alabama

iCool Is Here Tomorrow To Stand By The Work We Do Today. 

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Air Conditioning REPAIR

If You Are Investing A Lot Of Money In A New A/C Be Sure To Have It Set Up By An Expert To Avoid Any Mistakes And Costly Repairs. Contact iCool For Your A/C Repair Needs In Prattville, AL.

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Air Conditioning INSTALLATION

Our Team At iCool Is Passionate About Providing Quality Air Conditioning Installation Services. That’s Why We Become The Most Trusted Service Provider In Prattville, AL And The Surrounding Areas.

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Air Conditioning MAINTENANCE

Even If Your Air Conditioner Is Running Properly It's Important To Make Sure It Is Maintained Properly. This Will Extend The Life Of Your A/C And Keep It Running In Tip Top Shape.

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Your Indoor Air Is Important For The Health Of Your Home And Your Family! Contact iCool To Prevent Energy Waste And Contaminants That Are Degrading Indoor Air Quality.

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Your Heater Can Get Damaged Anytime In Winter. As Soon As You Notice These Signs, You Should Contact iCool To Benefit From Our Heater Repair Services. Call Us Today!

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A New Heater System Is A Smart Investment When You Want Perfect Comfort On Those Cold Days. If You Have Decided To Buy A New Heater Then Contact iCool To Keep You Warm.

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iCool Is Committed To Helping Improve Your Comfort And Savings. That’s Why We Provide Ongoing Maintenance For Your Heating System. We service all makes and models.

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We Aim To Provide The Best Care That It Needs To Stay Efficient All-Year-Round.By Providing Excellent Maintenance Plans, We Became The Leading Trusted HVAC Company In Prattville, AL

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The time to invest in your A/C is now! No need to sweat it.
We're here for you, so call iCool at 334-432-8864 for your FREE estimate!

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With iCool, you can be confident that we will have your HVAC needs met. Our FREE consultation and 24/7 service is here for all of life's little inconveniences! Don't wait another minute - reach out today by calling 📱334.432.8864
We're so excited to be featured on, Building Off The Grid. Tune in and see how we helped this treehouse!

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Don't wish for it, work for it. ...

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The iCool Comfort Club is the best way to get the most out of your HVAC system. 🤝
Join today and get two A/C tuneups, 15% off parts & labor plus 24-hour customer service! Call us at 📲 334.432.8864 for more information!

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If you are looking for a way to keep your home warm during the winter without breaking the bank, then don't hesitate. We offer FREE consultations and 24/7 services, call 📲 334-432-8864 today!
It's official! We've been featured on DIY Network. Tune in to Building Off The Grid and see our journey from start to finish‼️

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Refer a friend and we'll give you $100 off your next system replacement! 💰❤️
Call us at 📲334.432.8864 to learn more today!

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Be loyal to your future, not your past. ...

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Breathe easy knowing that your family is safe from the harmful effects of bacteria, mold and viruses with an air purification system. We know you're busy so give us a call today!
👉 334-432-3232

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We know that when you're dealing with HVAC issues, it can be an extremely frustrating process. We take our jobs very seriously and want to make sure your experience is as seamless as possible!
Call 📲334-432-8864 to put our expertise to work today‼️

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With the temperatures dropping it's important to keep your HVAC system running smoothly!
Lower energy bills and improve airflow through your home with our heater maintenance, call iCool today to get the job done right!🤝
📲 334-432-8864
We've been featured on the DIY Channel! Tune in to Building Off The Grid and see our journey‼️

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Old ways don't open new doors. ...

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Breathe easy with iCoolPros!
We will gladly answer any questions or concerns you may have about the quality of air that is coming into your home. We offer one of the most reliable and budget-friendly services in Prattville, Montgomery, Bessemer, and Homewood areas!
Contact us today for your FREE consultation!
📲 334-432-8864

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We want your iCool experience to be as smooth and stress-free for you, so we offer a free consultation!
Contact our team of specialists today.
Call today @ 📲 334-432-8864

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Do you want to breathe clean air?
If so, then it's time for an A/C Filter reminder!
Changing the filter monthly is one of best ways.
For more information on when and how often they should be changed please call us at 📲334-432-8864!

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iCool Pro's will keep your heater running smoothly during the upcoming cold months!🙌
If you're noticing any malfunctions or are in need of maintenance, don't hesitate to call us. Our experts specialize in heating system care and can help get everything up-and-running again quickly!
Call today for your FREE estimate!
📲 334.432.8864

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Life is a journey, not a race. ...

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We are so happy to hear that you had a great experience with our customer service team Stephanie. We pride ourselves on being available 24/7 and always doing whatever we can to help our customers with their needs. Thank you for taking the time to leave this review! ...

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If you need any type of HVAC repair, call iCool Heating and Air!
We have professional technicians who provide quality service for Central Alabama residents.
Give us a call today for your FREE consultation 📲 334.432.8864
Did you know we were featured on Building Off The Grid?
Tune into the DIY Channel to see our journey‼️

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Need Something Specific?

iCool has you covered. We are your one stop shop for all your HVAC needs. Call today to book a consultation.

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iCool Heating and Air FAQ

To start off there is four-types of HVAC systems to consider before going into detail. All are great depending on the situation so please contact us if you want to optimize the airflow of your home. there are Split system, hybrid system, duct-free system, and packaged heating and air system. I hope this gave you a starting point to start your journey in understanding HVAC systems
Depending on the HVAC system & level of installation it could run through $600-$1200 but for installation of air ducts across your new home. if you do have any more questions please call us because we are more than happy to help
During severe thunderstorms we recommend that you turn off your HVAC system for the duration of the storm due to potential strain to the HVAC or potential voltage spike. As a specialist in AC repair in Montgomery and Prattville AL we can always provide you with more answers by giving us a call. We also feature a blog regarding this question if you would love some further details
Depending on the HVAC system & level of installation it could run through $600-$1200 but for installation of air ducts across your new home. if you do have any more questions please call us because we are more than happy to help
Your HVAC typically should run for 15 to 20 minutes to set your desired temperature and then re-run for 2 to 3 times an hour for a few minutes to keep the desired temperature throughout the day. If the HVAC system is running consistently without any breaks please give us a call so we can provide a free estimate.

Typically HVAC systems are rated from fifteen to twenty-five years just make sure to check with your HVAC manufactor since each system is rated independently. Regarding heating, ventilation, and air conditioner repairs in Montgomery and Prattville, AL iCool Heating and Air provides free estimates for your HVAC solutions. Give us a call today

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